ISTANBUL_1La Asociación Científica de Terapia Neural y de Regulación de Turquía (BNR), en coordinación con la Federación Internacional de Asociaciones Médicas de Terapia Neural (IFMANT) y la Asociación Médica Internacional de Terapia Neural según Huneke (IGNH) les invitan al:

(el congreso será en Turco, Inglés y Español)


We are honored and pleased to announce the Neural Therapy Congress with International Participation, which we will hold in Istanbul on the centennial of the Founding of the Republic of Turkey, between 02 - 04 June 2023 and to invite you, our esteemed colleagues.

The ninth of the Biennial Neural Therapy congresses, which we have traditionally held since 2006, and  had to take a break for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be held on 02 - 04 June 2023, together with the XVIII. Traditional Herget Neural Therapy and Regulatory Medicine Symposium, in cooperation with the Scientific Neural Therapy and Regulation Society (BNR) and IFMANT, Germany IGNH and DGfAN, Switzerland SANTH, Austria ÖNR, Spain Turista Neural, Italy NEURALIA, Colombia ACOLTEN /MNT will be held in Istanbul with the participation of Turkish AATRTF, BTR, BAR, BUKK and MTAR associations.

The coordinated work of the Vegetative Nervous System, the immune system and the endocrine system, and its role and importance on inflammation, both in the protection of our health and in the formation of diseases, have been well known by us Neuraltherapists for many years. This is quite sufficient data to explain the success of Neuraltherapy, which is a branch of science that targets the regulation of the Vegetative Nervous System in the treatment of diseases.

In this context, we want to share the Congress and Symposium program consisting of presentations and workshops by world-class experts in this field in the light of scientific data and long years of experience, with the topic of "INFLAMATION WITH NEURALTHERAPY, IMMUNE SYSTEM, ENDOCRINE SYSTEM AND VEGETATIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM" .

The opening of our congress will begin with Lorenz FISCHER's studies on pain research focusing on the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system, inflammation, circulatory system, endocrine system, spiritual and emotional issues.

In addition, we plan to have a live panel discussion on Neuraltherapeutic techniques within the course of our congress. We believe that the conference on "Benefits and disadvantages of deep and superficial injection techniques" will lead to a professional discussion about the efficacy and safety of Neuraltherapy.

We are pleased to invite all  physicians from all branches interested in Regenerative and  Regulatory Medicine, especially Neural Therapy,  to  the Biennial Neural Therapy Congress with International Participation  &  Traditional Herget Neural Therapy and Regulatory Medicine Symposium.

Interactive sessions to be held as part of the congress and symposium will complete this event to be held in our beautiful city, Istanbul.

You may find all the information about the congress and the other relevant data on 


Congress President
Head of BNR and IFMANT, Dr. Hussein NAZLIKUL

Congress Co-Chairs
IFMANT II. President, Dr. Petja PIEHLER
BNR Board Member,  Dr. Neslihan ÖZKAN