ISTANBUL_1La Asociación Científica de Terapia Neural y de Regulación de Turquía (BNR), en coordinación con la Federación Internacional de Asociaciones Médicas de Terapia Neural (IFMANT) y la Asociación Médica Internacional de Terapia Neural según Huneke (IGNH) les invitan al:

Congress languages: Turkish - English (simultaneous translation will be provided)


Dear Colleagues,
The 6 th International Neuraltherapy and Regulation Congress which is held in every two years , (behalf of) under the roof of International Federation of Medical Associations of Neural Therapy (IFMANT) and International Geselschaft for Neuraltherapi nach Huneke (IGNH) is supported by ÖNR, SANTH, DGfAN, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia Neuraltherapy Associations.The congress which is hosted by the Scientific Neuraltherapy and Regulation Association will be organised in june 2nd-5th,2016 in Istanbul .
Every year, Turkish and foreign participants attending the congresses which are organised by  Turkish Neuraltherapy Association BNR is increasing.  Neuraltherapy provides a scientific and reliable contribution to modern medical practices and gives support to the understanding of many serious chronic diseases.In this congress, mainly men and women diseases and pain treatment will be discussed, scientific and new research results will be presented.
The congress which will be covering about 40 presentations and workshops on various topics for 3 days is going to be held in turkish and english as a scientific language. Simultaneous translation will be carried out in all halls. The Congress will begin on Thursday evening with an opening ceremony and press release. Presentations will be made in  all 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday while workshops will be made in Saturday and Sunday.
The 5th Neuraltherapy congress took place with an overexpected participation and success in 2014 in İstanbul. Around 300 doctors from 11 countries were hosted during the Congress. In the 6th neuraltherapy congress, new developments will be explained in a way to understand and practice. When choosing the topics not only sharing the innovation but also the transfer of practicaI use of data is considered.
In the 6th International Neuraltherapy Congress corresponding to the 12th year of BNR, like in many other national Neuraltherapy Associations , we are very proud to give the BNR-NAZLIKUL award for the second time who provide support to scientific field in Neuraltherapy.
You may find all the information about the congress and the other relevant data on

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin NAZLIKUL, Congress President, Chairman of the Neuraltherapy Association
Dr. Wolfgang ORTNER, Congress Vice President, IFMANT President