Objectives: The purpose of the study is to explore neural therapy (NT) and the effect of it on pain and the functional status of patients with lateral epicondylitis (LE) and to determine whether clinical changes and demographic characteristics have any correlation. Materials and Methods: Forty‐two patients with LE were randomly allocated into two groups; NT & control. The control group was given rest, non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs, stretching exercises and a wrist splint. The patients in the NT group received 8 sessions of NT. The visual analog scale (VAS), pain pressure threshold (via algometry) and Duruöz hand index (DHI) scores were noted before and at the end of the treatment in both groups. Results: All parameters improved in both groups. However, improvement of VAS, algometry and DHI scores were more obvious in the NT group. The clinical change and demographic features of the groups showed no correlation. Conclusion: NT is a safe and effective treatment method for treatment of patients with LE.

Key words: Neural therapy, lateral epicondylitis, local anesthetics, rehabilitation.

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