By A.A. Vishnevsky, Jr, MD
From the “Krutje Ruchi” Leper Settlement
Weimarn, Leningrad, USSR

International Journal of Leprosy (1938) Vol.6 No.4 pp.477-490


This method of treatment is based on the beneficial influence of anaesthetics on an acute inflammatory process reported by SPIES in 1901. One method of use is the " blockage of the sympathetic system in the lumbar region and the adjoining part of cerebrospinal nerves." A second is " circular blockage of the extremity completely interrupting its innervation." Illustrations show the injection in the lumbar region of 150 to 200 cc. of 0.25 per cent. novocaine with two drops of adrenalin per 100 cc. Similar amounts are injected into the subcutaneous tissues around an extremity. In a group of 50 cases local leprous patches and nodules are said to have been resolved and ulcers healed. In another group restoration of sensibility and motor capacity was observed, and diagrams of the improvement in the sensory condition are given. In a third group lepra reactions were aborted. L. R.

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